Modartt releases version 5.1 of Pianoteq

8th October 2014

Modartt has released Pianoteq 5.1. The update includes an improved binaural algorithm based on a new dummy head model. The KIViR collection of historical instruments has been rebuilt from scratch to include all major improvements of Pianoteq version 5. The D4 Grand Piano is slightly improved by re-voicing.

Improved binaural algorithm

The binaural algorithm of Pianoteq has been greatly improved by using a new dummy head model, bringing a stunning three-dimensional sound experience. In the Pianoteq Standard and Pro versions, the binaural mode lets a user choose the position of the listener around the piano, rotate the head in any direction or increase its size.

Rebuilt KIViR collection

The KIViR collection of historical instruments now takes into account the refined physical model of Pianoteq 5, resulting in increased presence and clarity. The collection is free for all Pianoteq customers and includes a Neupert clavichord (a 1941 copy of a "Modell Philipp Emanuel Bach"), a Balázs Kovács cimbalom (2007), two harpsichords: F.E. Blanchet (1733)and C. Grimaldi (1697), five pianofortes: J. Schantz (1790), J.E. Schmidt (1790), A. Walter (1790), D. Schöffstoss (1812), C. Graf (1826), two grand pianos: Erard (1922), Pleyel (1926), and the electro-acoustic piano CP80 (1982).

Improved D4 Grand Piano

The Pianoteq D4 Grand Piano, where a Steinway D from Hamburg has served as reference, is slightly improved by re-voicing, bringing increased timbre dynamics to the bass range and more transparency to the medium range.

New extended range selection

It is now possible to easily switch to an extended octave range of the D4 and K2 Grand Pianos and the KIViR collection of historical instruments. Depending on the instrument, the range can be extended: from 88 to 105 keys for D4 and K2, usually from 61 to 78 for the KIViR collection.

The update from Pianoteq 5.0 to 5.1 and the KIViR collection are free for all Pianoteq customers and can be downloaded from the website. A free trial version is also available.

KVR Audio, Inc.