Patchpool releases Ambient Strings for MachFive 3

14th November 2014

Simon Stockhausen (patchpool) has released Ambient Strings for MachFive 3. This library focusses on atmospheric sounds and textures derived from string instruments like Cello, Violin (electric and acoustic), electric and acoustic Guitars, Psaltery (ebowed, plucked and bowed) and Oud.

The patches combine textural sounds, multisampled acoustic instruments and more exotic instrument articulations with electronic textures all derived from the dry instrument samples to create wonderful, ethereal, dark and mysterious sound worlds. Expressive multisampled instruments, tempo-synced instrument sequences and morphable soloistic phrases are also included in this library.

16 Patches patches/instruments have scripted interfaces for extended sound manipulation, a snapshot system especially developed for this library allows the user to save and recall 5 snapshots, or recall the 5 snapshots programmed into the patches by default. So on top of the 75 patches this library ships with another 64 snapshot variations.


Instrument categories:

Price: € 68.

KVR Audio, Inc.