Don't Panic Studios launches Open Beta of GrooveCloud for Android

21st December 2014

Don't Panic Studios has announced the launch of the Open Beta of GrooveCloud.

GrooveCloud is a new Android app that enables multiple musicians to compose songs simultaneously, hassle-free. It's an easy to use app that gives users the flexibility to arrange different sets of music directly from their mobile devices. The app is available on Google Play as Open Beta for free.

GrooveCloud has a wide range of tools that makes a complete set of instruments that any musician would wish to have while composing songs. The mixer on the app allows users to interact and bring together their mix scenes from all the devices that are connected. This app claims to have eliminated the various problems that people face while composing songs such as lack of plugins, lost files, lost revisions, etc. The main features of this app have been designed to promote social musical interaction by providing a musical sketchpad that has a "cloudy" feel.

The GrooveCloud app makes song composition possible straight from Android devices. The app allows users to invite their friends and join the song, publicize or privatize songs, show all song edits and manipulations, export the song to community services and share the audio links on social networks, among others:


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