Expert Sleepers updates Silent Way to v2.4.3 (+All Mac OS X plug-ins updated)

9th February 2015

Expert Sleepers has updated Silent Way to v2.4.3 for Mac OS X and Windows, plus all Mac OS X versions of Expert Sleepers other plug-ins have been updated too (primarily a maintenance update to allow an update to the Licence Manager, but there are new additions too).

The Licence Manager is updated to v1.1.0, with changes for compatibility with recent OS X releases. With this Licence Manager, please use the versions of the plug-ins listed below (or later). If you update any of your plug-ins to these new versions, please be sure to update all of them, and the Licence Manager. If you subsequently have activation issues, please work through the suggestions on the Licence Manager page before contacting Expert Sleepers.

Changes in Silent Way v2.4.3:

Minky Starshine is updated to v1.1.0 and Warbler is updated to v1.2.0. These are the first 64-bit releases of these two plug-ins (bringing the full Expert Sleepers line to 64-bit; adding AAX compatibility for everything is next on the list).

The following releases are for Licence Manager compatibility only, and add no new features:

KVR Audio, Inc.