MODWHEEL releases "Biscuit Tin Guitar" for Kontakt

10th March 2015

MODWHEEL has released Biscuit Tin Guitar for Kontakt.

The sampled instrument is a one off original, hand crafted by Steve Roche. Steve has been making tin guitars and other odd instruments for many years for use in his soundtrack work with Plan 9 and with the various bands he performs with.

This particular example is a 4-string fretless with open G banjo tuning (D G B D). For sampling purposes the range of the instrument has been extended down to the E below the D of its natural range.

The instrument is fitted with a pickup and was recorded both acoustically as well as through a vintage fender twin reverb amp.

As an acoustic instrument the biscuit tin guitar has a unique sound that is caught somewhere between a dobro and a banjo. The electric version can sit between clean and a tin can being dragged behind a car, depending on your taste.


The instrument has also been used for its percussive possibilities and there are several percussion kits and BPM'd rhythm patches. In addition there are a number of patches that play arpeggios and song patterns from a single key.

Price: $49. There is an introduction price of $29. Requires Kontakt 5.3.0 or higher.

KVR Audio, Inc.