VintageSynthPads releases "OberLand" for Arturia SEM V

23rd March 2015

VintageSynthPads has released OberLand for Arturia's emulation of the Oberheim SEM, SEM V.

Here's what they say:

SEM stands for Synthesizer Expander Module. Originally, it was designed to be a backup synth controlled by a sequencer for layering or live use. It did not have a keyboard and was portable. The Oberheim SEM had a raw, edgy sound and was capable of some very fat basses and unique FX. It was used by Jan Hammer, Josef Zawinul, John Carpenter, Goldfrapp, Herbie Hancock as well as many others.

VSP's OberLand digs deep into what was so cool about the Oberheim SEM, analog grit. In a true vintage style, OberLand brings out the analog reminiscent of the original Oberheim SEM.

The over 150 presets includes:

OberLand is available now for $28.95.

Audio Demos:



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