Pittsburgh Modular announces the Patch Box - Modular Patchable Effects Pedals

13th April 2015

Pittsburgh Modular has announced the Patch Box line of modular patchable effects pedals, designed for guitarists and keyboardists.

The Patch Box is a fully-patchable, customisable performance pedal enclosure. Its open architecture allows users to create unique effects unattainable with standard, fixed-signal path guitar effects. Up to five highly-tuned modules can be integrated into a heavy-duty steel enclosure that's road-ready and ready to use.

The Patch Box features true "Bypass" and a unique preamp with high headroom in addition to a pair of fully-buffered outputs. Custom-engineered soft-limiting circuitry built into the preamp adds character without unwanted noise at higher gain settings. In addition the preamp has dual, buffered outputs to allow for complex signal routing and for patching a single modulation or audio source into two destinations, the patchable signal splitter is a perfect solution. Also known as a "Multiple, " the signal splitter has one input and two outputs, allowing any signal to be routed to two destinations.

Dual, assignable expression pedal inputs allow the Patch Box to integrate third-party expression pedals anywhere into the signal path to allow for realtime foot control of any voltage-controllable parameter or split the signal from the foot controller to control two parameters at once. Dual, assignable A/B foot switches — Switch 1 and Switch 2 — expand signal routing options. Perfect for use as on/off switches or to flip between two signals, the foot switches can be patched up to enable/disable individual modules or route audio and control voltages. With two independent, patchable foot switches to play with, there are countless options for realtime signal routing. The last stage of the Patch Box signal path is a master Output level control.

The Patch Box is available as an empty case for user-customization, with an ever-increasing selection of Pittsburgh Modular, Dwarfcraft Devices, or other compatible Eurorack-format modules. The Patch Box is also available in a number of preconfigured so-called Complete and Core effects systems that highlight the wide range of Pittsburgh Modular and Dwarfcraft Devices effects modules.

Time Box Complete comes complete with a Patch Box enclosure, Analog Replicator (wide-range analogue delay module), Reverb (voltage-controlled digital reverb module), Lopass Gate (integrated lowpass filter, VCA, and lowpass gate module), LFO2 (dual modulation source module), and Multiple (dual passive signal splitter), plus a 12-pack of patch cables from premier Eurorack modular synthesizer accessory specialist Nazca Audio. Alternatively, Time Box Core comprises Patch Box-housed Analog Replicator and LFO2 modules, plus a six-pack of Nazca Audio patch cables.

Filter Box Complete makes modular filtering and signal-crushing downsampling a flexible musical experience, thanks to a Patch Box-housed Filter (multimode state variable filter module), Lopass Gate, Crush (analogue downsampling module), Follow (envelope follower module), LFO2, and Multiple, plus a 12-pack of Nazca Audio patch cables. 'Downsizing' somewhat, Filter Box Core offers filter sweeps courtesy of a Patch Box-housed Filter, Follow, and LFO2 modules, plus a six-pack of Nazca Audio patch cables.

Phase Box Complete comes complete with a Patch Box enclosure preconfigured with a Phase Shifter (16-stage analogue phase shifter module), Lopass Gate, LFO2, and Multiple, plus a 12-pack of Nazca Audio patch cables. Phase Box Core makes massive liquid simplicity reality with Patch Box-housed Phase Shifter and LFO2 modules, plus a six-pack of Nazca Audio patch cables.

A collaboration with Eau Claire, WI, USA-based handmade effects pedals and synthesizers specialist Dwarfcraft Devices, Dwarf Box Complete celebrates this partner company's expertise in sonic destruction by partnering up their Big Distortion Sound Machine (parallel distortion module with two distinctly different fuzz flavours) with Pittsburgh Modular's Filter, Chain Reactor (quadraphonic, voltage-influenced chaotic waveform generator), and Toolbox (multi-purpose slew, noise, sample & hold, and inverter) modules in a Patch Box enclosure, plus a 12-pack of Nazca Audio patch cables. Coming full circle, those favouring a more streamlined approach to a destructive palette could consider the Dwarf Box Core, comprising Patch Box-housed Big Distortion Sound Machine and LFO2 modules, plus a six-pack of Nazca Audio patch cables.

Patch Box Specs:

Price: The Patch Box modular Eurorack performance pedal enclosure will be available to purchase from Pittsburgh Audio's authorised dealer network in May 2015 at a suggested retail price of $349.00 USD:

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