Soundizers releases StereoMonoizer for Windows and offers new pricing

5th May 2015

Soundizers has announced that StereoMonoizer is now available for Windows. Pricing has also been adjusted to allow more flexibility. The dual-license option is still available at $79, but you can now purchase a single license for $49.

StereoMonoizer is a simple to use application for Mac OS X and Windows that analyzes audio files and determines their stereo content, allowing you to convert to the proper format before importing into your DAW. This is a huge time saver for mix assistants, as well as engineers working without an assistant. It is also beneficial for producers, artists, or anyone else who works with audio files. A process that could take an hour or more per song can now be accomplished in minutes.

StereoMonoizer provides automatic analysis and conversion of all of the user's audio files, dramatically streamlining the process of preparing sessions for mixdown. A deep set of features provides for accurate representation of stereo and mono audio data, compensating for panning, file organization, overwrites, folder organizing and backups, and more.


Price: StereoMonoizer is $49 for a single license, $79 for two licenses (useful for an engineer and assistant to work simultaneously).

KVR Audio, Inc.