Yamaha Synth Book v1.5 Released - Virtual Analog Synth + 40 years of Yamaha Synths history in a free iOS app

5th May 2015

Yamaha has released Version 1.5 of Yamaha Synth Book, which features a Virtual Analog Synth + the (first) 40 years of Yamaha Synths history in a free iOS app.

New in Version 1.5:

Synth Book is an app celebrating Yamaha's 40th Anniversary of synthesizer manufacturing. It features a content and information-rich history of Yamaha synthesizers along with portals to various social media sites and yamahasynth.com.

It also puts the "synth" in "Synth Book, " with the AN2015 Virtual Analog Synthesizer. In addition to an 8-note polyphonic synthesizer with built-in arpeggiator and interactive, multi-parameter ball controller, the AN2015 also features a dedicated drum part with 16 loops and 5 different kits. When connected to the Yamaha MOXF Music Production Synthesizer (OS version 1.10) using the Lightning - USB Camera Adapter by Apple, the AN2015 can send its audio output to and receive MIDI from the MOXF - all with a single USB cable.

Synth Book requires iOS 8 or later and works with the following devices:

Download Synth Book here.


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