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Resonance (Musicians for Asia) CD now shipping
19th February 2005

A group of musicians, producers, and artists, brought together by their common membership here at KVR, have released Resonance (Musicians for Asia) - a CD dedicated to the victims of the recent natural disaster in the Indian Ocean.

The intention is to try and keep the aftermath of the tsunami in the public consciousness, and all profits made from sales of the CD will be donated directly to charities working to rebuild lives in the afflicted region.

The CD brings together musicians and producers from around the world and features tracks spanning an eclectic range of musical genres from guitar pop to ambient. It is the brainchild of KVR members Ben Smith and John Wright, who have summed up their motivation in suggesting the endeavor, "The spirit in which we have undertaken this project is about doing something extra after we have individually given all the cash we can ... and no, we may not make thousands, but every penny helps!"

Further details on the project, along with details of how to order the CD, are available by visiting the project's website, where audio previews of all tracks on the CD are also available.

Track (Artist) List:

  1. Thirty Five (DonkeyT)
  2. Love Oh Love (Glooper)
  3. Night of Harrison's Death (Shane Sanders, BMI)
  4. Ma Vie (Kara)
  5. Interstice (Ixox)
  6. Lemon (Rozzer)
  7. Free Fall (Topaz featuring Soul Immigrants)
  8. Plug the Monkey (Bluedad)
  9. Fly with Angels (rsmus7 / etienne)
  10. residential (vurt)
  11. Sotoneu (elmodic)
  12. Looking Forward (xRAVENx)
  13. Guilliame the Spider (Geeseaplenty)
  14. The Day After (Glassback, Mystahr and Tommo)
  15. calm after (pHz)

Obviously we are very proud that it was KVR that brought this group of musicians together to create such a noble project, and even more so that the quality is so outstanding. We would heartily recommend you buy this CD anyway, but the fact that doing so will help the victims of the tsunami makes the purchase a must!

If just 10% of KVR members were to buy one copy of the CD the project would generate an incredible £48,000 / $90,000!

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