NUSofting releases Modelonia 2.0 Public Beta for Win and Mac with Contest Attached

6th August 2015

NUSofting released Modelonia 2.0 public beta (version 1.988) for Windows and Mac OS X AU and VST (32-bit and 64-bit are included).

Modelonia 2.0 is major upgrade with many new features and new sounds.

There is also a contest attached to this release: Five full licenses of Modelonia 2.0 as prizes for the best short demo tracks or best presets sent to NUSofting. More info and contest rules are available inside the downloadable package.

Download the full package at: nusofting.liqihsynth.com/modelonia or directly with this link.

Release price for Modelonia 2.0 will be somewhere between 75 and 95 USD; an upgrade path for 1.7 users will be available.

KVR Audio, Inc.