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PlugInGuru releases MegaMagic Dreams Sample Library in Omnisphere 2 format
7th August 2015

An updated version of the MegaMagic Dreams WAV library has just been released at PlugInGuru.com. This is the first commercially available patch library for Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2 in the newly introduced .omnisphere file format.The library comes with 104 SoundSources as well as 186 Patches and 30 Multis.

The 104 SoundSources have been used to craft 186 Patches as well as 30 Multis that greatly expand what you can get from Omnisphere 2. These samples are unique in that they have lush 12 second reverb recorded into the samples. This allows a single sample to be used across the whole keyboard to create a totally new musical instrument to play. This also allows you to do things with "Long Reverb" that you can't do when the reverb is an effect - the samples don't interact with each other so it stays clean and playable. The goal was not to recreate real instruments, but rather to give artists and song writers new inspiring instruments to work with that nobody has ever heard before.

From Acoustic Basses to Guitars to Harps to Pianos, from Korg Z1 to Zebra 2 to Skippy's custom built "MaxWell" modular synthesizer, there are lots of new sounds to work with in creative new ways. Please watch the 45 min Patch/Multi walkthru and listen to some of the 10+ demo tracks to see if this library is for you.

Price: $59.95. There is a summer sale going on from now until August 15th. Details at PlugInGuru.com

Watch the Video Walkthru

Listen to the Demo Tracks

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