Nyrv Systems releases AGENTCM as a free plug-in on Computer Music Magazine 222

14th September 2015

Nyrv Systems in collaboration with Computer Music Magazine has released a free version of their subhost AGENT. This version, titled AGENTCM, can be found on the September issue of Computer Music Magazine (CM222).

With AGENTCM, you can package up your favourite third-party effects combinations, design a personalised interface to control them, and load these custom strips any time you need them, in any VST-, AU- or AAX-compatible DAW.

Once called up as an insert effect in your DAW, up to eight VST or AU plugins can be loaded inside two separate strips (four in each), allowing you to create bespoke channel strips and effects chains for either studio or live use. Agent CM can also be used as a 'bridge' between plugin platforms: use AU plugins in VST-capable hosts, run VST plugins in AU-only hosts such as Logic, and even run VST and AUs within Pro Tools.

Check out the following video to see AGENTCM in action: YouTube.com/watch?v=fFKV8YVLHqU

Features and uses:

AgentCM is completely free with the purchase of Computer Music Magazine #222.

Click here for more info about AgentCM on MusicRadar site.

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