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Raw Loops releases "Analog Synths - Ableton Sampler" & "Peak Hour Tech House" Sample Packs
30th September 2015

Raw Loops has released two new sample packs:

Analog Synths - Ableton Sampler - ($21.99).

30 Ableton Sampler Preset Racks of Hardware Synths multi-sampled across the key range for perfect pitch correction. All sampler sets are grouped in a rack format for even further and faster manipulation of the sound, combining analog sounds with digital manipulation capabilities. Analog Synths Ableton Sampler Preset Racks is designed to cover a wide range of sounds from Lead Synths, Percussive Synths, Pads, & Basses.

Peak Hour Tech House - ($32.99).

500+ MB of beats, dark & musical leads, shuffling tops, percussion and more. Peak Hour Tech House is designed to be about clocking in the proper groove of the climatic club hours. A fusion of house & techno with an emphasis on heavy rolling bass lines, modern processed percs. talking hi-hats, fresh synth sounds and melodies, vocals, fx and more.

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