Sonivox Introduces "Singles" - New Series of Instruments

31st December 2015

SONiVOX has introduced Singles, a new series of software instruments at less than the price of a six pack of craft beer each. Singles are bite-sized downloadable virtual instruments designed to provide producers with a single high-quality instrument at an outstanding value.

Believing that some producers are overwhelmed with virtual instruments and thousands of patches they may not use, With Singles, SONiVOX wants artists to be able to find the specific instrument they need, complete with a synthesizer and effects to customize it for any production.

SONiVOX has designed the Singles specifically for superior sound, ease of use and affordability. Each Singles instrument is self-contained and comes with its own player. Since there are many different Singles—every one is optimized for its specific task—each player differs slightly from one another in functionality and aesthetic, but all are intended to share the same traits of sonic realism, intuitive operation and lower cost.

Singles features:

"Forget for a minute that these instruments cost less than going out for lunch, or are easily programmed with a slick interface," said Jennifer Hruska, Director of Content Development for inMusic Brands. "The bottom line is they sound incredible and are really fun to play."

Price: The first five Singles are available for download now starting at $19.99 USD at from the Sonivox Webstore. SONiVOX plans on expanding the collection with over 35 titles over the next several months with regular releases.

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