Wave Alchemy releases "Drum Tools 02" (WAV)

4th January 2016

Wave Alchemy has announced the release of Drum Tools 02, describing it as a labour of love spanning 2 years.

Drum Tools 02 delivers over 3,500 24-bit WAV electronic drum samples and percussive hits, each carefully crafted from the ground-up using an array of drum machines, analogue synths, foley recordings and acoustic sound sources; processed individually on a sound-by-sound basis using a boutique collection of high-end outboard gear.

Wave Alchemy say "Pushing the boundaries of contemporary sound design, Drum Tools 02 delivers a unique collection of next-generation, production ready drums for modern electronic music production; an essential toolkit for Techno, EDM, DnB, Dubstep, Deep House, Trap, Electronica and everything in-between".

For added character, warmth and punch, selected samples have been re-recorded to ½ inch analogue tape via an Ampex ATR-102 analogue tape machine.

An Ableton Live 9 pack and additional 'vinyl processed' drums will be released as a free upgrade to all Drum Tools 02 customers on the 14th Jan 2016.

Price: £49.95.

KVR Audio, Inc.