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Best Service releases "Trinity Drums" for Kontakt
18th April 2016

Best Service has released Trinity Drums, a collection of cinematic and modern grooves combined in a flexible, innovative virtual instrument.

The character of the included rhythmic themes ranges from "earth-shaking monstrosity to delicate rhythms and even electronic beats" ‐ all created from high quality recordings by the sound design specialists from the Boom Library and produced by the team of composers at Sonuscore.

The central idea of Trinity Drums is the separation of the different elements of a groove. Every rhythmic theme is divided by frequency into three independent layers (Low, Mid and High Drums) which together will form a full groove, but can be combined at will. Each of these layers is available in multiple variations of different complexity, providing maximum flexibility to adjust them to your composition.

Playable Groove Variations
With the Phrase Sync Mode it is possible to switch and combine different variations and layers of a groove live on your keyboard without descending into rhythmic chaos. The instrument intelligently adjusts the timing of newly triggered grooves to fit the currently playing rhythm, creating an intuitively playable instrument.

Open Layer Exchange
With a large variety of rhythmic themes, Trinity Drums is designed to inspire and support the composition process. Trying something new and combining different ideas can be an enormous source of inspiration. That is why this instrument gives you the possibility to exchange single layers between suitable themes to create completely new styles.

Key Features:

Note: This product requires a full version of Native Instruments' Kontakt 5.

Price: €179 / $179 / £139. Available as download or "boxed" on DVD.

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