Tokyo Dawn Labs releases SlickEQ M (Mastering Edition)

13th May 2016

Tokyo Dawn Labs has released SlickEQ M, the mastering edition of the SlickEQ equalizer series, specifically developed for the audio mastering engineer.

Behind the user interface hides an array of possibilities: A set of musical high-pass and low-pass filters, including a low frequency "monoization" section offer detailed control over the signal bandwidth. Six parametric filter bands, designed to provide precise access over tone, timbre and the stereo image, and a meta-filter, offer direct access to the brightness, hardness or equal loudness curve of a music signal.

All filters except HP and LP operate in a parallel EQ configuration. The EQ bands in particular include a nonlinearity inspired by the musically beneficial side effects found in inductor filter technology. An auto gain mechanism automatically compensates for changes of perceived loudness while operating the EQ and last but not least, semi-intelligent signal analysis options allow matching the input signal's spectrum against a pink noise reference; or automatically setting the HP and LP filters according to the signal's audible bandwidth.

As with Tokyo Dawn's SlickEQ Standard and SlickEQ – Gentleman's Edition, a multirate processing scheme (a.k.a. "internal resampling") combined with elaborate signal processing techniques ensure signal integrity is maintained throughout the processing.

Key specs and features:

Price: €50.

KVR Audio, Inc.