Impact Soundworks releases Sonic Forest - Experimental Granular Instrument for Kontakt

24th May 2016

Impact Soundworks has released the Sonic Forest, an experimental sample-based granular instrument for Kontakt.

This sample library features recordings of a unique handmade instrument of the same name, which consists of various gauge guitar strings mounted to a box with a contact mic and line output. These strings produce deep tones that can be either harmonic or dissonant depending on how the instrument is struck or bowed.

The Sonic Forest sample library includes extensive samples of the physical instrument, which can be played traditionally, or fed into a custom granular engine and turned into evolving ambient textures and atmospheres.

This granular engine, which uses a forest-inspired visual theme, does not require knowledge of granular synthesis. Instead, users can morph and shape the textures with evocatively-named knobs such as Bloom, Blossom, Flourish, and Sun.

Key Features:

Price: $20 as a digital download. 25% of all sales will be donated to Fauna & Flora International, the world's oldest conservation charity, in the spirit of preserving and protecting our forests and other habitats.

Video Walkthrough & Patch Demo: YouTube.com/watch?v=XeBoFJUF9W8

Audio Demos: SoundCloud.com/isworks/sets/sonic-forest-demos

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