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ModeAudio releases "Pour - Ambient Sounds & Samples"
25th May 2016

ModeAudio has released Pour - Ambient Sounds & Samples, a collection of 150 synth textures, Ambient drones, sub basses, granular layers and noise SFX samples.

The collection includes a range of sonic flavors, from thick washes of prickly noise and the sound of processed recordings of rain and wind, to sparkling granulated synth chords, lilting bass and instrumental drones and beyond.

Each sound has been designed for use in isolation or layered up in intricate lattices of gradually shifting sound. From cinematic sound design to Ambient projects, as well as carefully looped in the background of House and Techno productions, these sounds may find use in a wide range of contexts:

Price: £15 / $22 / €20.


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