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Mystery Islands Music releases beta of "NL2xR" for Clavia Nord Lead / Rack 1, 2 & 2X Hardware Synthesizers
31st May 2016

Mystery Islands Music has release a beta version of NL2xR, a VST and AudioUnit plug-in to control and manage Clavia Nord Lead / Rack 1, 2 & 2X hardware synthesizers.

All of the main editor controls can be automated, edited and stored. Velocity / Morph assignments will be sent to the hardware upon total recall. The Total recall function makes the final integration with any VST / AU DAW which sends the patch data from the plugin to the hardware upon project recall. The user doesn't have to do anything else than switch on their Nord and enter Performance mode before launching their DAW.

Price: 49.95€. This includes lifetime updates, for both Mac OS X and Windows versions.

Download the demo to try it out here.

Demo limitations:

Beta limitations:

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