Level 6 Productions releases yMIDI Mobile and yMIDI Toolbox - Control your DAW and create custom MIDI controllers on Windows 10 devices

8th June 2016

Level 6 Productions has announced the release of yMIDI Mobile and yMIDI Toolbox for Windows 10.

yMIDI Mobile turns your Windows Phone 10 into a portal MCU compatible controller:

yMIDI Mobile has the full set of channel controls and function buttons, including pan, solo, record and mute.

A separate page has oversized transport controls, including a jog wheel.

yMIDI Mobile communicates with your DAW software over a wireless network using rtpMIDI.

Available now in the Windows Store for £3.89.

With yMIDI Toolbox you can create your own customized MIDI controller from a palette of controls.

Each control can be configured to connect to remote MIDI ports using rtpMIDI or local MIDI ports. Controls can be set to any CC or MIDI channel.

Controller compositions can be saved and recalled as profiles.

yMIDI Toolbox is a Windows 10 Universal application and will run on any device that runs Windows 10, including mobile devices.

yMIDI Toolbox is available now in the Windows Store for £4.59 with a 15 day trial.

Available Controls:

Demo video

KVR Audio, Inc.