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Drumdrops releases the Mapex Heavy Rock Kit BFD Pack
7th July 2016

Drumdrops has released the Mapex Heavy Rock Kit BFD Pack. Previously available in five other packs this kit is now available for BFD Users. The BFD Pack is compatible with BFD3, BFD Eco and BFD2.

The kit belongs to UK rock drummer Jason Bowld which he has used on all his recordings for the last five years for producers such as Andy Sneap, Romesh Dodangoda, Machine, Ulrich Wilde and Colin Richardson. Jason has drummed for Bullet For My Valentine, Pop Will Eat Itself, Killing Joke, Axewound and Pitchshifter. It was recorded and mixed by UK producer, musician and engineer Martyn 'Ginge' Ford (Bullet For My Valentine). This kit was also used to record the drum tracks album Heavy Rock Drops. What makes this kit special is it comes with three different Mapex snares and four different crash cymbals all carefully sampled in a bright sounding live room.

The recording took place in the now closed Garden Studios in London. The studio was a busy studio being owned by John Foxx from Ultravox and Matt Johnson from The The. The live room was capable of providing a huge live sound and it is evident on these samples. At the centre of the Control Room was a Neve 8026 vintage console owned by Producer Craig Silvey and the microphones used ranged from vintage AKG C12's to B&K 4011's alongside the more traditional Sennheiser MD421's, AKG D12 and Shure SM57. The kit was then mixed in one of London's leading mix studios, The Red Room on an SSL-G Series console.

The BFD pack has been been built as an expansion pack for FXpansion's BFD3, BFD Eco and BFD2. The pack comes with 36 articulations which have been recorded up to 96 velocity steps and in total it contains 8076 samples. This kit also includes 20 groove palettes. These are split into 458 4-bar heavy rock loops played by Jason Bowld. Included in each version are six mix presets.

Price: £35.00 - from the Drumdrops store. For a limited period customers can use the voucher code mapexbfd20 to receive 20% off. In addition, on Wednesday 13th July at 4pm BST (UK Time), Drumdrops will launch an offer to give away 10 free copies. More details will follow in the Drumdrops newsletter.

To listen to some examples of these samples head over here.

You can see a video about the recording of Heavy Rock Drops on YouTube

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