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Heavyocity's End of Summer Sale - Featuring $100 off GRAVITY, and up to 50% off Storewide
24th August 2016

Heavyocity Media is offering steep discounts on their virtual instruments, beginning August 24, 2016 and ending on August 31, 2016. The "End of Summer 2016" Sale features $100 off the critically-acclaimed GRAVITY: Modern Scoring Tools virtual instrument (Sale: $349, Reg: $449).

Heavyocity's popular GRAVITY Packs will also be available for over 30% off their MSRP (Sale: $69, Reg: $99). These GRAVITY Packs do NOT require GRAVITY.

Most other Heavyocity instruments will be available for 50% off, including: AEON Collection, DM-307, the Master Sessions line, GRID II, C-Tools, & the DM-307 for Ableton Packs.

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