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Falcon Singles - Acoustic E-Bow released on patchpool
26th August 2016

Patchpool has released Acoustic E-Bow, a new library from their Falcon Singles-series.

Acoustic E-Bow is a multi-sampled acoustic steel string guitar played with an e-bow, an expanded and "falconized" version of the acoustic guitar sounds in Sonic Cinema for HALion 5. New samples were added, wavetables extracted and patched, electronic derivates and soundscapes were produced and some processed e-bowed mandolin sounds were created to compose a unique collection of sounds.

Many patches use the multi-granular engine, then there are patches using multi-samples over the entire instrument range, several animated wavetable pads/drones and sounds using the samples to excite the pluck oscillator are also included. Expressively playable instruments are designed to create sizzling timbres with rich harmonics that sometimes remind of indian instruments like the sitar and santoor, some patches sound big and cinematic, others produce mellow and embracing tones.


Price: € 18.50 (30% off for license holders of Sonic Cinema). Requires the full version of Falcon, does not work with the UVI player.

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