Touch The Universe releases Cloud Layers Ultra Pack 3-in-1 Soundset for LuSH-101

15th September 2016

Touch The Universe has released the Cloud Layers Ultra soundset for LuSH-101, which consists of three soundsets featuring 880 patches - all the patches from the Ambient Dreamtime, Luscious Bass & Sequences, and Euphonic Resonance soundsets.

This genre bending assortment of multi-layered patches covers a wide sonic territory and is split in eight parts: Leads, Arps, Keys, Sound Effects, Basses, Bass Sequences, Pads, and Rhythmic Sequences.

Touch The Universe say the soundset is full of exotic character which really comes alive with the mod-wheel – as many as 18 assignments. This pack offers a diverse assortment of styles, from "complex, futuristic acid 303 lines to thick and lush keys, super wide stereophonic textures, piercing resonating leads full of grit and distortion, beautifully lush pads to vibrant soundscapes and ambient textures".

Patch Breakdown:

Price: 34$ (Intro Price).

KVR Audio, Inc.