Synth Presets releases "Light Years" for Adaptiverb with Introductory 50% Discount

15th September 2016

Synth Presets has released Light Years, a new soundset that contains over 200+ presets for Zynaptiq Adaptiverb.

Light Years goes deep into Adaptiverb's ray tracing reverb, harmonic contour filter, cross-filtering, pitch processing and synthesis capabilities. The 200+ presets span 12 categories and offer a broad range of reverbs suitable for any style of music production:

Also included is a complete collection of drones that could only be created in Adaptiverb that showcase some advanced tweaking.


For a brief introductory period, "Light Years" will be available for half price - get it now for $9.95 when using code "light" at checkout.

KVR Audio, Inc.