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Sonuscore releases "Lyrical Cello Phrases" for Kontakt
3rd November 2016

Sonuscore has released Lyrical Cello Phrases for Kontakt. .

Lyrical Cello Phrases is designed to capture the full emotional impact of the cello in freely played phrases.

Phrase Instrument - The themes were all played by cellist Mátyás Ölveti (recorded for "The Elder Scrolls Online") whose improvisatorial talent brought out the strengths of the cello full throttle. With over 70 freely combinable phrases spread over 10 themes throughout all keys as well as 2 additional bonus themes this library is designed to be a tool that empowers creative composers to get their project off of the ground with an impact.

Legato Instrument - Besides the selection of these hand-crafted themes the Lyrical Cello Phrases includes a legato instrument so you can play the melodies that come to you freely with two different note-lengths to chose from.


Price: 74.25€ (will become 99.00€ after November 24th). Note: This product requires a FULL version of Native Instruments' KONTAKT 5. The free Kontakt player is not sufficient].





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