Zynaptiq updates Adaptiverb to v1.1.0 - New Preview Mode (reduces CPU load)

8th November 2016

Zynaptiq has updated Adaptiverb to v1.1.0. This free update addresses all known issues and features a brand-new Preview Mode that significantly reduces CPU load while affecting the sound only slightly - and which can even sound cooler for some types of sounds.

What's new in v1.1.0:

Important note for Mac VST3 users: Due to a bug in Adaptiverb v1.0.x, Adaptiverb v1.1.0 VST3 Mac will not be loaded when opening sessions created on a Mac using earlier VST3 versions - breaking session backward compatibility. Other formats and platforms, as well as plug-in presets, are not affected.

As a solution, the Adaptiverb 1.1.0 Mac archive includes a special Adaptiverb VST3 Legacy Support version installer. Please read the relevant Read Me file before updating to v1.1.0.

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