Native Instruments releases Session Guitarist – Strummed Acoustic 2 - adds two vintage guitars, more patterns, and new performance controls

16th November 2016

Native Instruments has released Session Guitarist – Strummed Acoustic 2, a new addition to the Session Guitarist series. Strummed Acoustic 2 complements the original Strummed Acoustic instrument, adding two carefully selected, vintage acoustic guitars – a 6-string Martin and 12-string Guild – plus more strummed patterns and new performance controls. Strummed Acoustic 2 runs in Kontakt 5 and the free Kontakt 5 Player and is available at the NI Online Shop for $99 / 99 € / ¥ 12,800 / £89 / AU$159.

Strummed Acoustic 2 includes two renowned instruments, captured in precise detail and played by skilled session players. Users can choose the warm, mellow tone of a small-bodied mahogany 6-string from 1934. Or they can select the full yet articulate sound of a benchmark jumbo 12-string – first produced in the late 1960s.

Strummed Acoustic 2 also introduces two new features:

Strummed Acoustic 2 includes an extensive library of strumming patterns, with over 50% more content than the original Strummed Acoustic instrument. Each pattern features a rhythmic signature of dynamic accents, perfect for a diverse set of genres from rock, folk, and country, to bluegrass, Latin, pop, and more. Flexible performance controls enable users to recreate the musicality of pro studio guitarists from their keyboard. Sound control features and effects allow users to customize their sound and place the guitar perfectly in a mix.

Strummed Acoustic 2 was created in collaboration with drumasonic – the same sample instrument team who helped produce Strummed Acoustic. Using an array of vintage ribbon and condenser microphones plus boutique preamps, drumasonic captured every nuance of these classic acoustic instruments. A custom-built mounting rig and a laser-based microphone positioning system helped ensure precision and consistency for every chord and pattern during recording.

Pricing & Availability

Strummed Acoustic 2 is available now at the NI Online Shop for $99 / 99 € / ¥ 12,800 / £89 / AU$159.

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