Tangent Edge Instruments releases 80s EP "Warm" Pro - DX7II sound deep sampled for Kontakt

7th December 2016

Tangent Edge Instruments has released the 80s EP Warm Pro for Kontakt, featuring a unique DX7II tone. The attack sounds a little like a lithophone, the decay is dark, especially when played soft.

The is an introductory price of $25 for the Pro version, which rises to $30 in January. The Pro version has 2 x 1144 24-bit/48kHz samples; there is a cheaper 140 sample version which costs $15.

If you already have the 140 sample version for Kontakt from Sampleism, there's no need to buy this one, just buy the upgrade.

Try the free 80s EP FM 140, it has the same engine.

Requires the full version of Kontakt 3.5 or higher. The 80s EPs will only work for 30 minutes in the free Kontakt Player.

KVR Audio, Inc.