Online Mastering Studio EU announces "EU ProMixEQ-10A" VST Plug-in and launches Online Analog Mastering Studio

27th January 2017

Online Mastering Studio EU by Marian "Brezekhiel" Brezovan has announced a new series of VST plug-ins for mixing and opened a new online analog mastering studio with custom / modified equipment.

The first announced VST plug-in is EU ProMixEQ-10A, a "high quality precise mixing equalizer with clean transparent sound with minimum coloration and artifacts". The equaliser consists of 4 individual fully parametric bands (Frequency, Q, Boost/Cut +-15dB) + Low cut 18-60Hz. EU ProMixEQ-10A works in the frequency range 15Hz to 21kHz.

The equalizer will be publicly released in March 2017 with pricing to be announced.

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