SoundsDivine releases 'Greatest Hits' for u-he Diva

10th February 2017

SoundsDivine has released Greatest Hits, a new soundset that features 128 sounds for u-he's Diva.

This soundset is aimed at recreating classic sounds from the Disco, House, Funk, Synthwave, Trance, Hip-Hop and Drum 'n' Bass genres. It contains a broad range of sounds including cone shaking sub basses, classic pluck sounds, wide unison trance pads, dirty funky basses, screaming unison leads, detuned retro synth sounds, electric basses, 80s brass stabs, super saw sounds, and many many more.

A discount is available for anyone who has purchased the 'Introspective' or 'Art Of Sound' presets. Email SoundsDivine for details.

Intro Price: €23.95 (+VAT); Normal Price: €29 (+VAT).

KVR Audio, Inc.