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Numerical Sound updates "The Hollywood Sound IR Collection" with Impulse Reverb Modulation
28th March 2017

Numerical Sound has updated The Hollywood Sound IR Collection (reverb impulses), adding smooth modulation of IR parameters.

This upgrade (free for existing owners) will allow smooth modulation of various reverb parameters which is, say Numerical Sound, a first for convolution plugins. Giving you much faster access to the IR's and these parameters can now be automated in your DAW.

You can now:

Small, medium and large studio spaces were added for more ambience flexibility. It still includes space size of all major film scoring stage venues. Continuous tone motion filters were added to IRs. This adds a deeper 3D richness, especially to sampled based instruments.

Note, the update requires the Reverberate 2 convolution plugin by Liquidsonics.

There is a 15% discount until April 30, 2017, for both The Hollywood Sound IR Collections: $118.96 for 44/48k and $152.96 for the 88/96k version.

The Hollywood Sound IR Collection Update New Features

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