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Soundethers releases Dreaming for Omnisphere 2 - Moving textural sounds
4th April 2017

Soundethers has released its first library for Omnisphere 2: Dreaming.

This new release is following the brand's concept to blend organic and digital sources to build ever-evolving atmospheres and solo instruments (basses, keys, pads, soundscapes).

Original field recordings and textures samples are added to the library. You can easily manipulate each sound on the fly with the Mod Wheel automation, which often morphs pads and textures to pulsing synth-like sounds.

Aimed at Film and Game, Underscores, Ambient, IDM, Chillout, Techno, Dub, Sound Design, Environmental Effects and more.


Price: $20.

Queen of Noise demo on YouTube

IF demo on YouTube

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