Leap Into The Void releases "Escapade" soundset for NI Massive

12th April 2017

Leap Into The Void has released Escapade, a new soundset for NI Massive offering a hybrid of adventurous sequences, fresh, evolving pads and soundscapes in one, suited for cinematic composing, ambient, dance oriented productions, electronic, film/TV underscores and more.

The aim and vision for Escapade is to have direct access to tempo-synced rhythmical pads and sequences that can be used in any tempo from slower ambient to more driving dance oriented music. Sounds that both can be used to be upfront as well as filling up a background in a production.

Every aspect of Massive have been pushed through delicate use with meticulously programmed performer patterns, a detailed, focused and precise tuning of the unison feature, be it number of voices for detuning or spreading the voices in the stereo field, longer subtle LFO modulations for evolution over time and macro knob assignments for a wide array of coloring possibilities for the oscillators, filters, pattern variations, modulation depth and internal effects.


Price: € 29.95. It is available for € 19.47 for a limited time.


KVR Audio, Inc.