Xhun Audio updates LittleOne Analogue Modeling Synthesizer to v3.0.5

26th May 2017

Xhun Audio has updated LittleOne analogue modeling synthesizer to version 3.0.5, bringing improvements and bug fixes for problems that occurred with certain Hosts and/or Operating Systems.

This update improves stability when using LittleOne for music production scenarios. It is important to reload LittleOne in a Host/DAW (just once, after the plugin update), if it has been used in previous tracks/projects.

Changes in LittleOne version 3.0.5:

LittleOne version 3.0.5 update is available now for download from Xhun Audio website. This update is free of charge for all Registered Users.

Bonus Pack expansion can be downloaded for free at: xhun-audio.com/site/xhun.php?page=expansions

Video Demo by Katsunori Ujiie: YouTube.com/watch?v=kuKLYRxWZHU

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