Puremagnetik releases "String Machines XL" Ableton Live Pack, Kontakt and Logic Instruments

12th June 2017

Puremagnetik has released String Machines XL - a collection of 1970s classics featuring four of their analog string libraries. With over 1500 individual multi-samples and a large collection of presets, String Machines XL has been designed for producers wishing to tap into the golden age of string synthesis.

This week, String Machines XL is available at an introductory discounted price of $29.99 (a $65 value when purchased individually; $49 as the bundle).

This Bundle Includes the following Puremagnetik Packs:

Archmachine - Lush choirs, swirling synthetic string-scapes and film scores of the 1970s - these are the sounds that have inspired the production of Archmachine. It is a tribute to vintage analog ensembles like the ARP Solina and the Roland Paraphonic. It goes beyond what the originals were capable of by introducing polyphonic modulation and customized control interfaces.

String Machines - Go back to the golden age of string synthesis with 4 legendary instruments. String Machines includes programs from the Roland VP-330, Roland RS-09, ARP Solina String Ensemble and Crumar Orchestrator.

Kardoni - captures the spirit of the original ARP Omni Mk2 in a library of programs that deliver this legend right to your desktop. To emulate the original synthesizer, a restored ARP Omni was recorded, voice by voice, and reverse engineered for Ableton Live, Kontakt and Logic. It even includes the famous chorus, phaser and hollow waveform sounds.

Opus - a highly detailed re-creation of the celebrated Moog brass, organ and string machine. This collection includes twisting, evolving textures, analog techno basses, science fiction effects and more. The Opus sounds can be used as synth brass and string sections, plus they have a rich analog texture that complements a variety of musical styles.

Minimum Requirements:

KVR Audio, Inc.