MIDIMood releases Kameleono - MIDI Multi Effect and Basic Synth - VST/AU Plugin for Mac & Windows

27th June 2017

MIDIMood has released Kameleono, a MIDI Multi-FX Plugin that includes: Arpeggiator, Sequencer, Note Hold, Note Gate, Quantizer Module, Basic Synth, etc.

MIDIMood say Kameleono is a new kind of a live musical instrument. It brings the power of side-chaining to the MIDI world by using your DAW to build patterns and sequencer steps. This enables live performances with accurate timing and unlimited complexity.

You can use it to play (rather than to program) the most high speed and complex modern melodies, bass lines, etc. You can also use it to simulate professional playback of a real instrument such as a Piano, Guitar, etc., as shown in the demo video below.

Kameleono was designed to bring back the fun of making music without compromising on quality.

Key Features:

Price: US $39.

(Note that all Notes-In parts in the following video were played and recorded live.)

Demo Video

KVR Audio, Inc.