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Samples From Mars releases "MS10 From Mars" for Ableton Live, Kontakt, Logic and 24-bit WAV
29th June 2017

Samples From Mars has announced the release of MS10 From Mars, which features 18 multi-sampled MS10 instruments for Ableton Live, Kontakt, Logic, Structure, Reason and 24-bit WAV.

Here's what they say:

"The MS10 is a single oscillator, semi-modular synth developed in the 1970s. Our primary recording objective sampling the MS-10 was to make sure we captured all of the raw waveforms with minimal external processing. Using a REDDI and API 512 allowed us to leave most of the synth's natural sounds in tact while subtly accenting some of its duller frequencies that come with the territory of old, minimal synths."


Price: $19.00.

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