Vienna Symphonic Library releases Historic Winds III - featuring the Natural Horn

4th July 2017

The Vienna Symphonic Library team has announced the release of a new Vienna Instruments Collection. Historic Winds III is the sequel to Historic Winds I & II and features a natural horn that was recorded at the company's Silent Stage. The product is available at a special introductory price through July 31, 2017. Coinciding with this release the Viennese company has lowered the prices of their existing Historic Winds I & II as well as seven additional products.

Authentic Performance Experience

Historic Winds III is dedicated to the natural horn. This instrument is the predecessor to the modern French horn and has neither finger holes nor valves. As a result, only natural tones according to the harmonic series can be produced by adjusting the embouchure and changing lip-tension. Additionally, the technique of stopping – the left hand is inserted in various depths and angles into the bell – allows for fine tuning the off-pitch tones and even producing chromatic notes that are not part of the harmonic series. In order to play (harmonic) scales in differing keys, various tuning slides have to be used. The natural horn included in the Historic Winds III Collection has been captured using ten different tuning slides in order to provide utmost tonal flexibility.

The product's introductory price is currently $295 and will increase to $395 (regular list price) on August 1, 2017.

Additional Limited Time Offers

Coinciding with the release of the Historic Winds III Collection the Vienna Symphonic Library has lowered the prices of its predecessors, Historic Winds I & II, through July 31, 2017. Additionally, customers receive a 30% discount on selected library products that offer instruments for recreating Renaissance, Baroque and early classical music: Chamber Strings I & II, Vienna Konzerthaus Organ, Harpsichord, Recorders, and Vienna Solo Voices.

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