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Deskew Technologies adds Audio File Player plugin to Gig Performer in v1.8 update
20th September 2017

Deskew Technologies has released version 1.8 of their cross-platform audio host plugin for live performance and session musicians.

Gig Performer version 1.8 adds a new Audio File Player plugin which can be used as both a backing track player as well as for looping short samples.

Features include:

Other updates to Gig Performer 1.8 include:

  1. MIDI Program Changes can now be sent to plugins and external synths using variations.
  2. Label widgets can now display parameter values along with other text.
  3. Global MIDI and OSC support for "Panic (Stop all notes) " and to control the playhead.
  4. Widgets now support reversed polarity devices.
  5. Improved handling of open windows.
  6. MIDI In/Out blocks can be reassociated with different MIDI devices globally (i.e. in all rackspaces) without losing settings.
  7. Of course we've killed a few other bugs along the way.

Visit the Gig Performer website for more information and to download a 14-day fully functional trial version for OS X or MS Windows.

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