JSplash Studios releases Piano Tuner PT1 - Piano Tuning App for iOS and macOS

10th September 2017

JSplash Studios has released Piano Tuner PT1 1.0, a professional piano tuning app for iOS and macOS.

With over 10 years in development, Piano Tuner PT1 comes with a pitch recognition algorithm designed to allow professional piano technicians perform high-quality tuning of the entire range of the piano. It shows the precise pitch frequency and deviation from the target frequency for any note. Piano Tuner PT1 also supports other tunings where A4 frequency is different from 440 Hz.

Key Features:

Price: $499.99 and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Music and Utilities category.

Download Link: Piano Tuner PT1 for iOS

Download Link: Piano Tuner PT1 for macOS

Device Requirements for iOS Version:

Device Requirements for macOS Version:

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