GG Audio updates Blue3 to v1.2.0

3rd October 2017

GG Audio has updated Blue3 to version 1.2.0. This update includes the 2 most requested features from users: Global Tuning and Sustain Pedal support. A user can access both of these features in the Settings dialog.

The Tuning control allows a user to shift Blue3's tuning anywhere from A=435 to A=445 in 1 step increments. There's also a small text display in the bottom left corner that displays the tuning setting when it's NOT at A=440.

Most organists know that a real Hammond B3 doesn't exactly adhere to a true equal tempered scale. On a real Hammond and Blue3, the only note that's exactly on pitch is the A key, all other keys are slightly off because of the way the tonewheel gears are manufactured. This is one of the many tiny details that give a Hammond (and Blue3) it's unique sound. When a user shifts the Tuning control, all of the tonewheels still maintain the offset and ratios but now at the lower/higher pitch.

Also in the Settings dialog is the new Sustain Pedal control. It lets a user use their sustain pedal to hold notes on Blue3, like a piano or synth. The control allows a choice between sustaining just the Upper manual, just the Lower Manual, just the Pedals, or all of the manuals. The purists can also just leave it off. Both the Tuning and Sustain Pedal settings are Global and are NOT saved with presets.

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