KS-UK Bass Synth Vol 1 released (for Orion)

22nd August 2005

Kriminal Sounds UK has released KS-UK Bass Synth Vol 1, a collection of bass samples modelled on 'classic' bass synth sounds from Roland, Moog, Korg, Yamaha, Casio, etc. All samples are 24/96 Mono, non looped and in .osp format for the Sampler in Synapse Audio's Orion. They vary from 2-10 seconds in length, most are 5-10 seconds.


KS-UK Bass Synth Vol 1 costs GB£9.99 and demo MP3s are available. Additional formats will be available soon including Wusik/Manystation, EXS, Kontakt, VSampler and Shortcircuit.

KVR Audio, Inc.