Planet-H updates G-Stomper Studio for Android to v5.6.1 - Step Conditions and more

31st October 2017

Planet-H has updated G-Stomper Studio for Android to v5.6.1.

V5.6.1 introduces three new features to the Drum Machine Module that let you add a lot of new dynamics to your creations.

Per Step Velocity
In addition to the existing Accentuation, you can now apply an individual velocity to each drum sampler step. As a matter of course, the existing Accentuation remains and can be used in combination with the new Velocity. More details here.

Micro Steps
You can now move each drum sampler step individually up to 31 micro steps towards the next upcoming regular step. In other words, you're no longer limited to place trigger steps at the given signature. You can use Micro Steps to create totally asynchronous rhythms, but also to apply individual shuffle settings per track (and even per step). As a matter of course, the existing shuffle/swing remains and can be used in combination with the new Micro Steps. More details here.

Step Conditions
You can now apply a condition to each single drum sampler step to prevent a step from being fired all the time. When you apply conditions to partial steps, you'll create a lot of new variations, which let the pattern evolve over multiple loop cycles. More details here.

Price: $12.99.

For further details check out the KVR Audio Product Page.

G-Stomper Rhythm and G-Stomper VA-Beast Synthesizer have been updated to v5.6.1 as well.

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