Eplex7 DSP releases 18 free waveforms for Particle Collider SX7 synthesizer

8th November 2017

Eplex7 DSP audio software has released 18 additional waveforms for Particle Collider SX7, its scientific hybrid synthesizer. All customers will receive this bonus free with the purchase. The download link for waveforms has been sent via e-mail to all existing customers.

Particle Collider SX7 is experimental synthesizer for creating modern sci-fi FX sounds, Atmospheric pads, Robotic sounds, Psytrance and Psychedelic FXs, Sweeps. It is useful for all music styles that need modern FX sounds and atmospheres as Psytrance, Psycore, Dark Psy, Hitech, film music, video game music, experimental, industrial music or all EDM styles like Trance, DnB, etc.

This video shows the additional waveforms and instructions on how to load them into Particle Collider SX7: youtu.be/t_uBuw724N8

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