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Detunized releases Ambisonic City (Berlin) - Multi-Channel Surround Library
15th November 2017

Detunized has released Ambisonic City, a roaring Berlin multi-channel sound library.

Ambisonic City (Berlin) features an ambisonic sound image of a modern city in Western Europe. The library delivers a vast variety of spherical surround sounds of vehicles, public transport trains, trams and aeroplanes that were captured at crowded intersections, various squares, arterial roads and the Tegel airport.

As complementary counterparts, the library also contains recordings from wide open spaces, recreation areas, public parks and side roads.

All recordings are made with the Ambeo microphone and the encoded B-Format FuMa files are ready to use for speaker arrays of any number.

For the Live Pack all included takes are prepared as instant Live Clips and were also split to form 96 Instrument Racks. With these Racks the various key elements of each take can be easily used in MIDI-based compositions.

Available Formats:

Pricing starts at €18. Ambisonic City is also available at A Sound Effect with a 20% intro discount.

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