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Big Fish Audio releases "Son Of Grindhouse" loop library
16th November 2017

Big Fish Audio & Funk/Soul Productions have announced the release of Son Of Grindhouse, featuring 32 Construction Kits of samples that cover Grindhouse genres ranging from Horror and Sci-Fi to Spaghetti Western and Kung-Fu.

The library includes regular instrument loops as well as cuts and clips from actual open-source Grindhouse films to provide background atmospheres, soundtracks, and film dialogue. The result is an authentic representation of the classics. Funk/Soul Productions recorded and re-sampled all of these iconic elements in the highest quality 24-bit rate, and have formatted each element in REX, Acidized WAV, and Apple Loop formats. Match that with full KLI 3.0 integration and you have the flexible Son of Grindhouse loop library.

Price: $99.95.

Multi-Format Version:

KLI 3.0 Series Version:


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