Admiral Quality releases "Stunning Phaser" Beta for Mac & Win VST & AU

18th December 2017

Admiral Quality has announced the first Beta release of Stunning Phaser, a new VST/AU plug-in for macOS and Windows. It's currently offered for $9.99 during the 0.0.0 Beta (75% off the regular price). Prices will be going up as future Beta updates are released.

Stunning Phaser is a high quality, internally oversampled, VST/AU phaser effect plug-in. In addition to the usual LFO, Stunning Phaser also offers a stereo envelope follower, multiple LFO waveforms, and Admiral Quality's Gliss-quanti, an automatic sample-and-hold function that divides LFO waveforms up into discreet steps "for exciting new possibilities you've never heard a phaser do before".

As with all Admiral Quality plug-in products, demos are free, no time limits, you can even save and recall your work. The only demo limitation is occasional, very short silent gaps in the audio output.

KVR Audio, Inc.